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About our Service

Getting a loan from Capel Pawnbrokers could not be more straightforward. You lend us your jewellery, watches or valuables and we will lend you our money.

First you need to bring us your asset, along with proof of identity. This means an official letter or document that includes your name and address (driver’s license, utility bill, etc.)

Then, when we agree with you on a loan amount based on your asset’s value, we will take your item and store it safely until the contractual term ends. It will remain your property until that time. We’ll ask you to sign a credit agreement; this is also your pledge receipt.

Getting Your Asset Back

Although the contractual term of the agreement is a maximum of 4 months, you are under no obligation to keep the loan for 4 months. You can redeem your valuables at any point during your loan period, from the day the loan starts to the due date of the pledge.

At the end of a 4 month term you can choose to arrange a further 4 month term if you need to.

Please be aware, if you fail to pick up your assets or pay off the loan at the end of any 4 month term you are entitled to a seven day grace period. After this you are in danger of your goods being sold to recover the loan and outstanding charges.

Your Pawn Ticket

If your pawn ticket is lost or mislaid the pawner should at once apply to the pawnbroker for a form of declaration. Otherwise the pawnbroker will be bound to deliver the pledge to anyone who produces the ticket and claims to redeem the pledge.

Interest and Charges

For information on interest and charges and to use our loan rates calculator please see Loan Rates.