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Our Rates Calculator

Our Loan Rates Calculator

If you’d like to get a quick idea of the charges associated with a particular loan amount please enter your desired loan amount into the calculator. The costs are divided up based on our standard 4 month loan term and show the interest and service charges that you will pay per month. Please note the actual loan amount is not included in the cost calculations.

In general our minimum loan duration is 2 months (60 days) and our maximum loan duration is 4 months but please enquire in store or call us on +353 1 8730 436 to discuss our loan durations in more detail. Our maximum APR rate is 125.2%. You can read more about how we work by visiting the About page.


Loan — €100
Cost to repay in 4 months: €13 (APR 44.3%)
Cost to renew after 4 months: €13

Loan — €1000
Cost to repay in 4 months: €9O (APR 29.5%)
Cost to renew after 4 months: €90

About Our Interest Rates

We charge interest at 2% a month. This is a simple interest rate which means that the interest is only charged on the initial loan amount. It’s not added to the loan amount at the end of each month so you don’t pay interest on the interest.

About Our Service Charges

Our service charge is an administration fee for issuing the loan. It’s on a sliding scale depending on the loan amount but is capped at €20 per loan of 4 months. The service charge is included in the APR (Annual Percentage Rate) that is shown beside the monthly cost figures in our calculator.